Accounting Services

Insurance Policies

The solution we offer is 100% Insured by an exclusive insurance policy underwritten by one of the worlds largest insurers. We make sure that your structure is financially watertight.

Payment Services

We can assist with the payments of your subcontractors taking away the stress of hundreds of weekly payments, this service will save you time and money.

Contractual Agreements Services

Our Legal professionals will create a legally binding contract confirming your true relationship with your self employed subcontractors including your customer’s commercial requirements.

Self-Employed Driver Services

Register the driver for Self Employment
Register the driver under the Flat Rate VAT Scheme
Submit the drivers quarterly VAT returns
Submit the drivers self-employed tax returns
Administer their quarterly VAT payments
Liaise with the main contractor and raise their invoice
We will liaise with HMRC on their behalf
We will advise and calculate all allowable expenses